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The facts.

Local Search

97% of consumers go online to find a local business or local services

Perceived Credibility

75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design 

Unfortunate Truth

Less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses actually have a website 

You can have a website your competitors are jealous of.

Outdated site? Slow as molasses? Not mobile friendly? Let's change that.  As your website designer, our #1 priority is to design a website that will help your business gain the visibility it deserves and attract new customers!

Our focus is you.

We design with your goals in mind not ours. We understand what drives small business, more customers! We also know that a website is only great if it offers each user the opportunity to find information quickly, engage with relevant content and take action!  

We make it easy!

We like simple, don't you? 

Here's what our process looks like.

Step One: Discovery

This is the initial call/meeting where we get a better understanding of what your looking for.

Step Two: Design

Now, our team will help you choose the right website design plan.  We'll consider things like purpose, functionality and preferences.

Step Three: Delivery

This is the fun part.  Now we design and deliver your new stunning website!


Get the website you deserve!

Your Designer

Hi, I'm Brian, CEO and Lead Web Designer here at Blue Door Marketing KC.  It's a pleasure to meet you!  

As the little blue badge next to my photo implies, we are a proud Wix Partner Agency designing all of our sites exclusively on the Wix platform.

Personally, I designed my very first Wix site in 2006, the year they began.  Honestly, I've never looked back. When we started Blue Door in the fall of 2016 our mission was to offer affordable marketing services to small businesses. 


One of the ways we are able to do that is with Wix.  Designing on Wix allows us to create high quality custom websites (we never use templates) that our clients can easily manage on their own.  That means never being locked out of your website, or waiting days and in some cases weeks for your web guy to make a change or paying a monthly maintenance fee.

It's total freedom for our clients and they love it!

If you're looking for high quality design, a great experience and affordability, look no further.  Schedule a call today and let's explore your options.

View my work here.


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And now, our most frequently asked questions.

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Founded in 2016, Blue Door Marketing KC, Inc. has served hundreds of local and nationwide businesses with a passion for creativity, hard work, fairness, integrity and quality.

Want to talk about your project?  Call our office at 816.265.0946 or stop by anytime! 

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