5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes That We See Every Day

Customers. That's what you want isn't it? It's what we all want as business owners and it doesn't matter if you're a marketing agency, bike shop, insurance agent or bakery, you will not have a business for very long without them.

For most small business owners, the dream is bigger than the budget (can I get an amen!) and what happens more often than not is that all marketing efforts get pushed to back burner never to return or it's hit and miss. Either way, marketing either seems too overwhelming or just not important.

Having worked with hundreds of small businesses over the past few years, we've noticed several common marketing mistakes that just keep popping up. The following are the top 5 most common mistakes we see, are you in there anywhere???

#5 - Waiting until the last minute.

We see this every day. Client's want immediate marketing results for something that should have been started months ago. If you wait until sales are low to begin marketing, you will more than likely be very disappointed.

Simple Solution: Start now. Seriously. If you've been putting it off, start today! Just look at it as one small step in the right direction then take another step tomorrow and before long you'll be sprinting!

#4 - No Plan.

Yes, the old saying is true, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail", nothing is farther from the truth when it comes to marketing. I hear clients say all the time that they just throw stuff at the wall and whatever sticks they keep around. This is a big no, no and a bigger waste of time and resources than one might think.

Simple Solution: Mark out one to two hours a week to work on your marketing goals. Be specific about what you want to accomplish with your marketing and do some research. There is a lot of good, solid advice out there.

#3 - Not Asking For Help.

Admit it, it's harder than it sounds and most of us who start businesses are pretty tough with loads of grit to begin with! Asking for help is for the weak! That may not be how you feel, but if you're not asking your business owner friends, networking group or local marketing agency for help you're missing out.

Simple Solution: Start with the people you know. Find out what other business owners are doing. Talk to your local marketing people (the nice ones of course). Don't be afraid to ask others for advice, help or ideas.

#2 - Expecting Immediate ROI (Return On Investment)

Should you expect ROI from your marketing? Absolutely! But you'll be hard pressed to find any marketing program or service that actually delivers results right away. As a matter of fact, good marketing takes time and is more about the brand equity your building in your business. This is especially true if you are service oriented business.

Simple Solution: Create clear and realistic expectations for your marketing. Be willing to invest in the long term, not just the immediate.

#1 - Do Nothing (Not Sure Where To Start)

Yup, there are actually small business owners out there who simply do nothing when it comes to marketing. The business who does zero marketing is peculiar to me and I have a hard time understanding this approach. It is however the greatest marketing mistake one can make in my humble opinion.

Simple Solution: Ask for help, create a plan and start small.

I hope you enjoyed this little read. If you can relate to any or all of these, just remember, you're not alone. If you'd like to chat, we're always available! ---> 816.265.0946

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