A Successful Mindset

As a young and growing company, I often find myself dreaming of the future and what it might look like for us in 5-10 years. The temptation, as always, is to begin to think of success in terms of sales (money) or size (employees) instead of what matters most...people.

I know it may be hard to believe (sarcasm implied), but I do not possess a business degree nor do I come from a long line of business men/women. However, I was fortunate enough to grow up with a dad who modeled for me a very valuable and critical aspect of life, treat people with respect and dignity. And even though my dad was an over-the-road trucker my entire childhood, he knew how to connect and work with people to get things done.

That lesson has never left me and has been the guiding light as we move forward here at Blue Door. I honestly believe that in business and in life, if we will put people first, we can achieve anything. As business owners, our reputations depend on how we treat our customers and even those who treat us poorly (yes, that happens).

I'm amazed at how many opportunities are missed because our focus is on the wrong thing. When I was in business to business sales, essentially cold calling business owners every day, I had to constantly put the needs of myself (and family) to the side and really listen to my potential client. I found that the more I invested in the business owner the more they were willing to invest in me (what I was selling).

I'm proud to say that our little company has served and is serving our clients with distinction. Not because we possess the greatest talents or even the best ideas, but I really believe it's because we truly care about the people we serve.

Why am I writing this?

A friendly reminder I suppose. To all of us who are in business or have a desire to be. The way we treat others, whether our customers, employees or colleagues, will have much to do with how far we are able to reach and ultimately climb.

For us, our success or failure lies in how we treat those around us.

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