Digital Marketing: Three Social Media Tips for Your Start-up

When starting your business, digital marketing is a crucial area, especially if you're working in the online world. One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing is your social media strategy. This article provides some tips for getting that aspect of your business right.

1. It's not a race to gain followers

As a new business, you may think about gaining thousands of followers as quickly as possible. However, successful social media takes time. In fact, the number of followers you have doesn't always equal success.

Instead, you should focus on engagement and interaction. Even accounts with a large number of followers may only have a small number of quality ones. You should also be aware that fake accounts can create a false impression. Generally speaking, if your account is growing and you see engagement, then you are almost certainly getting things right.

2. Find a schedule you can stick to

Many brands start-off their social media with the best of intentions, but it's incredibly easy for other aspects of your business to get in the way. So, for example, if you are posting ten updates a day, are you able to stick to that schedule? It's far better to start with something more realistic, which may only be a few updates per day or week, and you can always increase it if necessary.

You also want to ensure your plan is detailed and specific. So, if you have a vague idea of doing five updates or so, you may not stick to it without a framework. The first thing you want to do is create a social media plan or calendar. Of course, this doesn't need to be as complicated as it sounds, and you could plan it with Excel or something similar.

3. Consider scheduling your updates

Once you have devised your social media schedule, it's a matter of deciding how you will action your updates. One approach is to do things manually, but that can be incredibly demanding on your time. It also means you have to be available each day to post your content; chances are this approach will create problems.

The other option is to schedule your updates using a service such as Buffer that enables you to schedule your content in advance. It's up to you how you manage this, but you can plan updates for a week or even month, for example. There are also other advantages in scheduling social media, such as the ability to post content during hours you wouldn't usually be working.

Digital marketing is always going to play a vital part in the success of a new start-up. You will need that early growth to keep moving forward. Getting social media right is a crucial element of all of this, but it takes time, effort, and know-how. Hopefully, this article has provided some pointers, so you get more right than wrong in the early stages. Remember, it's not a race to gain followers; you should find a schedule you can stick to and consider scheduling your updates.

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