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As long as I can remember I've been selling stuff or as I like to say...pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams. I first realized my propensity for sales when I was in the 7th grade. My product of choice was of course, candy. Some of my best sellers were Cry Baby gum (anyone remember that insane sour flavor), Jolly Ranchers (still a classic) and Now And Laters (I'm still chewing on mine from back then).

I grew up on the outside of town, so there weren't a lot of stores where I lived, but fortunately for me a neighbor up the road turned his garage into a VHS rental shop (for those of you too young to remember the VHS, Google it). And, of course, he sold candy. Most of which could be purchased for a mere 5 cents a piece.

Once a week I'd spend about $5 and almost buy him out. The next day the sales would begin. I learned early on that if you have something that people want, they will pay through the nose to get it. haha I sold those individual pieces of candy for 25 cents each. I'd say that's a pretty good profit margin.

Over the years I've sold just about everything and now on a regular basis I sell the services of our company. All of which help business owners pursue their dreams and grow their businesses. Those lessons I learned in junior high still apply today. If a business is going to survive, it will need to have something that others want.

For us, that's digital marketing services that provide results and value to our clients. If you're wondering what all of this has to do with Google lessons, I'm about to tell you. Tips, tricks and free resources have helped me grow over the years so any time I can pass those along to you I'm happy to do so!

In case you didn't know, Google offers free lessons to build your online presence and marketing skills. (hey, there it is, now it makes sense) These are awesome tools that every business owner needs and I encourage to check it out.

You can find instructions on how to take advantage of the free Google resources here

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