How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Brand

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Wherever you look, you see thumbs poised on screens gently scrolling downwards. More often than not, what you are seeing is the common person today getting their daily dose of Instagram.

This social media platform that focuses entirely on pictures and videos has spread like wildfire in recent years. As of 2019, it has about one billion users worldwide! In light of this, let’s find out how you can use Instagram to grow your brand.

Eye-Catching Pictures

It goes without saying that Instagram is the king of aesthetics when compared to other social media platforms. Here, what matters is what catches the eye. Everyone from influencers to brands and back is using beautiful visuals to capture the interest of the audience and keep them entertained.

Keeping this in mind, it makes sense for brands to invest in good photographers and social media managers who know the ropes well.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is the goal of all SMM. As a brand, you can organize small competitions and giveaways; they are often used as tools to engage with the audience. Nobody can resist free things, and if you are offering some in return for a little engagement, it is sure to cause a ripple effect!

Posting Regularly

The more frequently you appear on top of news feeds, the more easily you will be accessible in your customer’s minds. When they see you more, they think of you longer; and possibly remember you when they need a service or product you offer. This is why it is important to make regular posts.


Hashtags help Instagram sort your data into the right boxes so the people in your target market can reach you easily. If your hashtags are appropriate and aplenty, relevant users will make it to your profile.

A new algorithm introduced by Instagram is ‘following’ hashtags. Instead of following accounts, it gives people the option to follow the hashtags they are interested in. As they scroll down their home page, posts that contain the hashtags they have followed will appear too.


When it came around, Instagram was all about square pictures only. However, with new, and highly successful, features such as ‘stories (that last 24 hours only),’ live videos, and ‘IGTV’ dominating the platform, vertical visuals that fit the entire Smartphone screen are back in fashion. As a brand, you can utilize them by posting according to requirements. For example, to humanize the brand in the consumer’s eyes, a temporary ‘boomerang’ on the story will do just right!

Placement of CTA

Make sure to put in the address to your website at the end of each post. Some brands use the bio section for the link in order to increase customer engagement with their posts. Whichever of these options you prefer are okay, but remember to point it out in every square!

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