How To Write A Great Email Newsletter

Before social media came around, it was email that carried all our conversations. It served our purpose of communication, connected us with each other, and it introduced us to new products and services we needed.

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s world; so can a business like yours take advantage of that? Absolutely! Here’s how you can design an effective email newsletter for your target audience.

Your Goal

We’ve established how marketing is not always about direct sales. It can be about brand building or brand visibility or PR or customer service! Your goal can be any one of these. Before starting out on the design and content, focus on a goal that you want to accomplish.

Do you want traffic directed to a specific page on your website? Do you want people to know about a new Facebook page or Group? Whatever the aim may be, make sure the call to action button is in line with it.

The Newsletter Structure

Let’s get started. Your newsletter can be in any form you like, but it’s going to work a lot better if it includes everything on this list:

· Your logo, clearly visible on the top or in the middle

· Headings and subheadings to make it easier to read

· Lines, boxes, or dividers to separate text

· Place pictures in line with your brand image

· A call to action and sharing buttons at the end

Everything from the font to the color should correspond to your brand image and personality. Plus, make sure to double-check the grammar and writing style as well. We can't tell you how many times we sent out what we thought was a well put together email only to find a typo. Now we check and re-check!

Focused and Dedicated

People these days have shorter attention spans. As a matter of fact, we now have a lower attention span that goldfish. To make sure they don’t feel like too much is being asked of them, keep one newsletter dedicated to one topic. Let’s say your new fall collection is out—that’s the only thing your newsletter should cover.

Creative Subject Line

A newsletter ends up in your target audience’s personal inbox, along with a hundred other messages. So how do you grab their attention enough for them to click on your newsletter? Your subject line should do the trick. Instead of the usual boring subject lines, try thinking of one that is fun or edgy, depending on what your brand image is like.

Make a Template You Can Reuse

This won’t be the only newsletter you send out. When you find that a certain design works for you and your audience, save it as a template. Designing from scratch every time is difficult and there is no guarantee of ideal results. In such a scenario, it’s best to remember a style that previously worked.

If you follow our advice, we can guarantee a successful and effective email marketing campaign that adds value to your business.

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