What Is Marketing Automation?

What if you didn’t have to spend the bulk of your time managing your marketing campaigns?

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Let’s be honest, it gets tough to create strategies, come up with steps to implement it, update multiple channels, and keep track of the results. Believe it or not, it can be simpler.

To put it simply, marketing automation is powerful technology that can help you drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize your entire marketing and sales funnel...all in one dashboard.

With marketing automation technology, you can do all this with infinite ease without investing as much time. Businesses use marketing automation to target customers with automated messages based on behavior. Whether it's your website, email or social media, automation is always listening and working in the background. Here is a very basic overview.


In an automated messaging system, emails are automatically sent based on a specific set of instructions called ‘workflows.’ These can either be taken from templates or designed specially to suit your business needs. They can even be modified mid-campaign to incorporate feedback and change results.

Increase in Revenue

In more than one way, automation brings in and saves your business money. Some studies show that the use of automation brings a 451% direct increase in prospective leads! When customers are attended to immediately with a message promising to get back to them, they already feel invested. This raises the chances of more engagement.

Maximize Efficiency

Marketing automation keeps track of all the messages and engagement you receive across multiple platforms, and this leaves more time for the employees to invest in other activities that are essential for the smooth running of a company. The bigger your brand grows the more complex your relationship with automation gets.


Marketing automation saves you plenty of office hours and transaction time. When your potential customers receive an automated greeting as soon as they send a message, for example, the customer service team can get directly to business.

Since marketing teams don’t have to revisit every aspect of your marketing strategy each second, you are free to work on other useful projects, making employees cost-effective.

Tips for Marketing Automation

Define Goals

Do you want more likes on your Facebook page or more sales on your e-commerce site? Define your goals clearly and develop your strategy accordingly.


Collaborate with other teams in the company and get their input. Your company should be completely involved in every step.


Make sure that you are following a larger goal in mind. If the purpose of the campaign is not well-defined, there will be no way to measure the results. Strategize.

Analyze and Adapt

Creating workflows and then letting them do their work is not enough. For a successful marketing campaign, you must constantly analyze how well your strategies are working and adapt to overcome any glitches.

Moving Forward

Marketing automation allows you to forge rich relationships, and by developing a deep connection with your customers, your business will have more leads, increased sales and proven ROI.

We're sure you can see how automation is a leap forward in digital marketing tools. For the first time, your business will have the resources to connect with each customer on a one-on-one basis.

With marketing automation, you're able to identify successful tactics and poor performances, which allows you to eliminate waste and improve your ROI.

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