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Corporate blogging is not just ‘passé’ as many would claim. In fact, in today’s world with low attention spans, blogs are still a surprisingly popular way of content marketing. From bringing relatable reading material to customers to bridging the gap between them and the brand, blogs work in multiple significant ways.

The benefits of blogging for businesses are many, but in most cases, it is deeply concerned with the brand image, target audiences, and increased engagement. Let’s have a closer look at why blogs matter.

Marketing through Storytelling

Instead of marketing outright, blogs present the brand as a subject matter; as a topic to be discussed. They market with subtlety by placing a call to action at the end. However, they work throughout on building the reader’s trust and engaging them in a conversation they would otherwise not be having. You could say that blogging is like marketing through storytelling.

Bridging the Distance

Blogs also play an essential role in bridging the distance between customers and the business. Instead of just marketing the product to you, blogs make it a point to make sure that the target audience finds ideas relevant to them. From there, they are brought in for a tour of the products or services you have to offer.

For example, a website that sells inflatable pools might write a blog about summertime essentials for kids. Presenting information in such a way connects customers with brands in a profound manner.

Engagement and Social Interaction

Blogs, when shared on social media, not only give you more material to work your social media marketing strategy with, but they also provide food for thought. When there is regular interesting content being produced, the customers are more likely to engage with the brand.

Customer engagement is what generates leads to the website where your dreams are realized and actual connection/purchasing is made. Blogging helps in bringing them to this platform.

Search Engines & Visibility

Blogs can also be appreciated in their ability to bring visibility to a business website. Where, earlier, there was no content to market on the website, there are now weekly blogs that are full of important keywords and meta details. These play a significant role in the diversion of traffic to a business website, increasing the potential for converted leads.

Most importantly, blogs bring your website closer to the top in Google search results, which increases the possibility of more people gaining access to it.

Although many more platforms have emerged that offer their individual contributions in the marketing of a business, the importance of blogs cannot be discounted for. Last word: you should add a blog section today!

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