Work Hard Stay Humble

The other night my family and I were watching one of those singing competition shows, yes, we actually enjoy them. There were so many talented people and we were simply blown away. One gentleman in particular was very, very good. He was also very passionate. Passion is a good thing and can often be the catalyst for better things.

He talked a lot about how hard he has worked to get to where he's at today. I can respect that. A tenacious work ethic is rare these days. As he continued to talk it became increasingly clear that although this man knew how to persevere, work hard and climb, he lacked a very key element to real success. Humility.

He just couldn't take criticism from the judges. He even went as far as to call one of them out in front of the whole world. What? His pride would not allow anyone to question his greatness. I imagine, once he left the show, that no one would ever want to work with him.

I read once that humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but rather, thinking of ourselves less. It's the idea that we should strive to put others first, do our best to see through their eyes and always try to learn from those around us. Imagine if that guy would have simply humbled himself, listened and learned from the judges where trying to say. He'd probably be on the radio.

It's not easy, but it's worth working toward. Let's all work hard and stay humble.

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