Marketing Automation

To put it simply, marketing automation is powerful technology that can help you drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize your entire marketing and sales funnel...all in one dashboard.

Business goals are fairly simple...

Capture more leads and convert those leads to sales.  Unfortunately, achieving these goals has gotten more complex and most business owners find themselves overwhelmed with a multitude of marketing platforms that still don't deliver results.

Sound familiar?

  • We're only capturing a small percentage of website visitors

  • Our leads are falling out of the funnel

  • The sales department doesn't focus on the best leads

  • We miss a lot of opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell

  • There seem to be fewer renewals and lower customer retention

  • At best we have piecemeal analytics without ROI or insights to optimize

There's a better way...

End the constant marketing frustration and headaches with an automation strategy. 

Automation Features

Email Automation

Send emails with triggers and build personal relationships with leads

Social Media

Publish, listen, and track campaigns with fully integrated social media tools.

Email Syncing

Emails sent and received from IMAP clients show up right in leads' histories

CRM Integration

Immediately plug your leads into your sales team’s system

Dynamic Forms

Capture more leads with forms designed to convert

Behavior Tracking

Understand your leads to create one-on-one communication

Sales Anylitics

Enable your sales team with key insights about each lea

A/B Testing

Test emails head-to-head to see exactly what works the best

Sales Notifications

Email or text sales team when a lead indicates they are ready to buy

Visitor ID

Triple your leads by identifying anonymous traffic

Lead Scoring

Prioritize your pipeline and reach out to sales-ready leads

Campaign Optimization

Eliminate waste and identify opportunities

Let's start your countdown to growth.

Marketing automation allows you to forge rich relationships, and by developing a deep connection with your customers, your business will have more leads, increased sales and proven ROI.

We're sure you can see how automation is a leap forward in digital marketing tools. For the first time, your business will have the resources to connect with each customer on a one-on-one basis.

With marketing automation, you're able to identify successful tactics and poor performances, which allows you to eliminate waste and improve your ROI.

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"Having never used a marketing company before I wasn’t real sure as to how the industry worked. I knew what I was hoping to find but after talking to a couple companies I had decided to just keep doing things myself. Then a friend told me about Blue Door Marketing. It didn’t take long to realize this was company I was looking for. Very personable and relationship driven coupled with excellent work equals what I believe is going to help us reach our business goals. Give them a call. You will not be disappointed."

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