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Who are we?

We Are Passionate Website Designers  
& Digital Marketers

After years of freelance website design, Founder Brian Smith felt it was time to make more of an impact in the world of marketing. In the Fall of 2016, Blue Door Marketing was formed to provide marketing solutions to small businesses who need affordable services that actually deliver.

We are a creative website design and digital marketing agency made up of fun, hardworking, creatives focused on results-oriented website design and killer social media marketing.  Our number one priority is to help business owners realize their dream of online visibility, growth and success. We're always excited to talk marketing, drink frenchpress coffee and create awesome content. 

*Blue Door Marketing and Blue Door Social are subsidiaries of Blue Door Marketing KC, Inc.

Why Digital Marketing?


We are serial entrepreneurs who love all things small business. We are energized daily by the stories our clients share about taking that leap of faith and chasing their dreams. It's what we live for and digital marketing gives us a front row seat. We also feel honored to be on the frontlines helping our clients move one step closer to success! 


So Grateful for Every Review

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